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Our very popular ‘Date Night on the Wheel’ is back with a vengeance. Book here!
August 19th, September 23rd, September 30th, October 14th, October 22nd & November 11th 2017 from 6:00pm-7:00pm or 8:00-9:00pm  $100 per couple.

Upcoming Workshops



( September to October 2017): 2 1/2 hours / week, 6 weeks beginning September 5th, ending October 16th $270 (Intermediate wheel is $295)

Monday  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
10:00am-12:30pm Wheel for
Wheel & Handbuilding Combo
12:30pm-3:00pm Wheel 2  Wheel for
6:30pm-9:00pm  Wheel for
Wheel for
Sculpture & Handbuilding
Wheel & Handbuilding Combo Intermediate Wheel or Intermediate Handbuilding

The class registrations and availability for each class can be done or seen online through our scheduler. You can also email us at info@loamclaystudio or call us at the studio 613.722.2529.


LOAM Clay Studio is a pottery studio and shop in Ottawa’s vibrant Hintonburg area. We offer pottery classes and workshops for potters of all levels.  We rent open studio space for independent work.  In our gallery and shop we sell pottery supplies and locally made pottery. We also design and make custom pottery for individuals and restaurants.

You can find us at the corner of Hamilton and Armstrong, or visit us on Facebook to see what’s happening in the studio or on Instagram to see more pictures.

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(until after Labour Day Weekend)

Monday: 1pm-9pm
Tuesday: 10pm-6pm
Wednesday: 10am-9pm
Thursday: 10am-9pm
Friday: 9am-9pm
Saturday: 9am-5pm
Sunday: 9am-5pm


Prices of all classes and workshops include clay, tools, glaze and the firing of your creations. The prices do not include hst.


LOAM Classes
Wheel for Beginners
Wheel 2
Intermediate Wheel
Wheel and Handbuilding Combo for Beginners
Sculpture & Handbuilding Basics
Intermediate Sculpture & Handbuilding

7 week classes: 2 1/2 hour class each week.  $310
6 week classes: 2 1/2 hour class each week.  $270

Private or Semi PrivateClasses

1 person =1 hour $110, 2 hours $190, 3 hours $230
2 people  = 1 hour $150, 2 hours  $255, 3 hours $315
3 People = 1 hour $195, 2 hours $330, 3 hours $410
4 People = 1 hour $240, 2 hours $410, 3 hours $505

5-12 people  /hour/person = $40. Two hours minimum.

You will be able to pick-up your work 2-4 weeks after your class.


LOAM Workshops

For a fun afternoon or day of pottery try one of our themed workshops scheduled about once a month.  The workshops are open to anyone – both beginner and experienced potters – and everyone will have some clay creations to take home.

Prices vary depending on content and length of workshop. $75-$200. Upcoming Workshops

View previous workshops in our Gallery!

Private Workshops

If you have your own group and want to choose what to make then our private workshops are perfect for you. Wheel workshops can accommodate a maximum of 8 people and handbuilding workshops can be up to 12 people.

Private workshops can be scheduled when there are no regular classes in session or no private classes already booked.

5-12 people  /hour/person = $40. Two hours minimum.

Take a look at our gallery of regular workshop results from complete beginner potters to give you some ideas.

You will be able to pick-up your work 2-4 weeks after your class.


Open Studio Time:
3 hours = $36 ($12/hour)
5 hours = $55 ($11/hour)
10 hours = $95 ($9.50/hour)
25 hours = $225 ($9/hour)
50 hours = $425 ($8.50/hour)
75 hours = $600 ($8/hour)
100 hours = $750 ($7.50/hour)
125 hours = $875 ($7/hour)
150 hours = $975 ($6.50/hour)

LOAM Clay Studio refund policy.

Firing your own clay:

Firings are generally cone 06 for bisque and cone 6 for glaze. If you wish to fire to a different temperature you must book a full load.


1/4 load     $50
1/2 load    $85
full load     $155


1/4 load     $60
1/2 load    $100
full load     $200

Glaze firing includes the use of the LOAM glazes however you will also need to book and pay for time to glaze in an Open Studio time slot.

For more information or to book a firing email info@loamclaystudio.ca

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