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 Mixing & Testing Glazes with Anne Chambers $100

September 16, from 2pm – 6pm

Through demonstration and a selection of glaze samples, learn how to mix your own glazes and what to buy for stocking your studio. Learn how to create the colour and surface you want to suit your work. You will learn the tools to fix the most common glaze issues and how to read a glaze recipe.

Anne will discuss and share recipes for various cone 6 glaze bases: a shiny transparent, a shiny translucent to opaque pooling and breaking glaze, a satin semi-matte glaze and a velvety smooth crystal matte. By the end of the afternoon you will know how and why these base glazes look the way they do.

Bring your questions and any pots you want to discuss. Also if there is time we will discuss more complex glazing and surface enhancing techniques.

This workshop is intended for intermediate and advanced potters.


Lanterns with Sarah Fulford – $90
October 7th, from 2pm – 5pm

pumpkinsbannerCome make your own lantern or long lasting jack-o-lantern for halloween! This workshop is suitable for complete beginners and for intermediate potters. You will be shown how to use slabs to make both straight edged boxes and how to sculpt soft forms like a pumpkin. Once you have completed your chosen closed form and the clay has firmed up a bit you will then cut out perforations for light to shine through. This could be a scary face, a decorative latticed design or anything else.

Suitable for ages 11 and up.


Using Stains, Slips, Underglazes & Image transfers with Sarah Fulford – $45
October 21st, from 3pm – 5pm


In-house underglazes

In-house underglazes

Custom image transfers, Japanese Tissue Transfers, Millefiori, Laminating, Slip Trailing, Mishima, Sgraffito, Stencils, Slip Rubs, Mocha Diffusion, Floating Bubbles!  A whirlwind of techniques for adding colours and motifs to your clay vessels or sculptures.

In this 2 hours workshop Sarah will demonstrate (and sometimes demystify) these techniques and answer your questions.  By the end of the workshop you will have an overview of all these processes, and a hint of what is possible at each stage of your ceramic forming, as well as what materials are needed.

On that day, participants will be offered a 15% discount on all the materials needed to try any of the shown techniques.

Sarah Fulford has been a potter for more than 30 years.  She trained and worked in France as a production potter and studied Ceramic Engineering and Industrial Design. She  has worked  in London, Korea and Canada.  She is the owner of LOAM Clay Studio.


Patterns & Designs with Maureen Marcotte – $125
October 28th, from 2pm – 6pm

In this hands-on workshop, we will use wax resist, sgraffito and underglaze colours to create patterns, designs and even drawings on your pots. Wax resist and slips will be provided. Bring with you at least a couple of bone dry greenware pots (preferably white clay or porcelain), some ideas of patterns and designs for inspiration (I’ll bring lots too) and most importantly, a sense of adventure and playfulness. We’ll work with the clay and slips available at Loam and see what interesting designs and colours we can come up with. There will also be some tiles available to practice on. Finished pieces will be bisque fired and finished with a clear glaze.
This workshop is intended for intermediate and advanced potters.
Maureen Marcotte is among the most talented and renowned potters in the Ottawa region. She has been working as a studio potter for over 40 years. Maureen and her partner/husband David McKenzie make a formidable potting team. Together they run a gallery attached to their studio in the artistic community of Wakefield Quebec. Maureen has also been a participant of the prestigious 260 Fingers show in Ottawa since it first began.

Using porcelain clay fired to cone 10 in electric kilns, she creates functional decorative pottery that is either wheel thrown, slab built or slip cast. To maintain excitement & passion, over a long career, she is constantly thinking ahead to new work, experimenting with various ideas and techniques. The result has been a steady evolution of her work, a refined and nuanced intensity in surface decoration. She has consistently been inspired by textiles and fibre techniques- Persian carpets, Fair Isle knitting patterns, batiks from around the world. Throughout the majority of her career, she has used wax resist and underglaze colours to apply layered patterns to her forms.


Mugs with Sarah Fulford – $90

November 4th ,  from 2:00pm – 5:00pm

mugs-banner-croppedCome  make some utterly unique and gripping mugs for you or your loved ones.

In this workshop, we will expand the boundaries of mug making by using original designs, adding sculptural elements, carved and painted patterns. We all have that special relationship with our favourite mug. Be inspired and sculpt your own ‘one of a kind’ vessel!

Your finished work will be glazed and fired for you, and will be ready to be picked up, 2-4 weeks after the workshop.

Suitable for ages 11 and up.


Christmas Ornaments with Sarah Fulford – $50
November 18th, from 2pm – 3pm or 4pm – 5pm
November 25th, from 2pm – 3pm or 4pm – 5pm

treesJust in time for the Christmas holidays, Loam is offering an ornament workshop. Festoon your home and/or Xmas tree with festive decorations made in this workshop using press moulds, slip trailing and textured slab work.

As an added festive feature, children aged 5 and up can be included in this workshop though we ask that they be accompanied by an adult “workshopper”!

Your finished work will be glazed and fired for you, and will be ready in time for Christmas.  This workshop is open to all levels of experience.



If you have your own group and there is something specific you want to make then our private workshops are perfect for you. They can be customized to your own preferences.

Wheel workshops can accommodate a maximum of 8 people and handbuilding workshops can be up to 12 people.

Private workshops can be scheduled when there is no regular classes in session or no private classes already booked.

5-12 people  /hour/person = $40. Two hours minimum.

Take a look at our gallery of regular workshop results to give you some ideas.

You will be able to pick-up your work 2-4 weeks after your class.

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